I feel the wounds,
of your battlefield-
I feel the ache,
of your heart-
your tears that fall,
within my soul-
I hold now.

if you can open,
your eyes and see-
what waits at the door,
of your desires-
your passion and your fire,
are wings to carry you through.

above the wake,
of your worries-
the anxious fear,
that hold your feet still-
you are a brilliant star,
shining against-
the darkness of your sorrow.

I see your glow,
even though-
you think it doesn’t show,
your heart reveals your tender-
in your embracing,
in the tears tracing,
upon your child-like face.

so I take your hand,
and with our light-
we hold over our path,
I will not let go,
I hold you so close.

but if there is,
a part of the road-
you must walk alone-
a thousand souls-
light your way.

precious one,
you are more-
than you seem,
your dreams-
will become your way,
it is a part,
of your miraculous being.

By Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg