living the moment.
living the moment.

Some time today,
The idea came to me again
Took my mind away
Seeing the moment sink again
My soul is but a burning sand
From those dark shadowy memories I am Fond
Talking no more of the trend
Though silence is killing me more
Suspecting everything once more
Should I’ve kept that wall?
Shall the pain still unfold?
Seeking my refuge in the mold?
The ecstasy of death knocking the door
Calling on life no more
The sparkles swept on the floor
Blackish dreadful smoke over all
Black is taking over the town
Kicking all colors but his own
Spreading the smell of death
Grief, sorrow, and sadness grown
Is all what is seen
A Voice echoed: “Who’s there?”
No reply, but a wondering eye
It was my soul’s voice
Sneaking in wonder to tell
Exclaiming if any is dead
Not knowing all passed away
And no one is ahead
It was unsaved, unreturned

__ L.B