look at it and see pain...........

— feeling cat

look at it and see pain

pain that left deep scar.....so deep even time can't heal it ...pain of been alone ......pain of the ons that left us not Unwittingly ......but left for good only there Memories was there hunting us in the night ....was they worth our tears "i my say yes" it even worth the pain we felt for them because deep down we now that there were some people cares about us it doesn't matter if there dead.....they are here with us alive in our hearts alive in our dreams helping us to fulfil them ...making us deal with the pain of losing them by lifting for us there unfinished business it's probably a selfish act by them " why live us to beginning with then on top of that live your trouble to us to deal with why making the pain even worst " we my think but it's not ..deep down to the bottom of their action unspoken truth... but why don't say it in our faces noo they live us with there wisdom ways liven numbers and symbols but the great thing about it....they believe in us....and they don't want us deal with the sorrow of losing them cuz they know we care to much to the point that pain will eat us the want us to move on with our lives we may not heal but it's Enough that we make them proud of us......... the care and we cares each one with his wicked ways.


feeling to write something sad ^^